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In the midst of the humidity, relaxed tempo, and hospitality of Mississippi is where I was born and raised in between two siblings whom I cannot imagine having grown up without.  I discovered I love the color orange, water, and sounds enough to study music and vocal performance at Tougaloo College which gave me the courage to study acting in graduate school.  I earned my MFA wings from Brown University/Trinity Rep and have tried, on two different occasions in my life, to learn how to swim and have not succeeded, yet.  my joy increases when teaching and volunteering with children.  I'm also a writer who aspires to find the best format for the words and stories I want to share.  my inner dancer/ROLLER SKATER, opera singer, and amateur violinist emerge when i'm by myself.   I'm obsessed with the magic of snow and fall foliage. I thrive on laughing, Chickpeas AND LENTILS, the little things, and peace.  I have my mom to thank for introducing me to the power of the performing arts by reading to me when I was a wee babe and enrolling me in ballet classes as a kindergartner.  And now, it is my hope that the roles i speak and move within will breathE and live in a way they never have before and enwrap all those within seeing and hearing distance in the gifts, talents, 

weaknesses and flaws that make us whole and worthy of being, sharing, and love.

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